What are the different option packages and prices?
Is GMSV currently offering any incentives or Special Offers?
What parts will be available and if so where can I buy them from?
How can I request a test drive?


Where can I find out about product features in my vehicle?
Where can I find more information about Tailering and Towing?


Who should I speak to about Warranty Enquiries?
What are my rights under the Australian or New Zealand Consumer Law?


Who do I contact if I have a concern with my vehicle?
How many GMSV Dealers in Australia and New Zealand will be able to service my vehicle?
How do I obtain an Owner's Manual?
What do I need to do when my "Change Engine Oil Soon" message displays?
Where do I find your service & repair information?


Where can I purchase officially-licensed GMSV merchandise?


What types of Accessories are available?
Where can I buy Accessories?


Where can I find information about vehicle safety?
Where can I find information about air bags/supplemental inflatable restraints on my vehicle?
What makes an air bag inflate?
When should an air bag inflate?
What kind of child-safety seats should I use in my vehicle?


When can I place a deposit for the C8 Corvette?
Which dealers will be able to sell the C8 Corvette?
Can GMSV build more C8 Corvette's to satisfy demand?
What is the warranty period on C8 Corvette?
Why is the Corvette so expensive when the USA announced pricing from $59,995 (USD)?


What other products will GMSV have besides Silverado LT Trail Boss, Silverado LTZ Premium, Silverado HD LTZ Premium and Corvette?
Will GMSV leverage any of GM's new EV range?


Will GMSV be involved in any racing in Australia or New Zealand? Supercars or potentially GT racing with Corvette?
Why doesn't the Camaro feature in the GMSV product line-up when you are supporting supercars?


I am interested in working for GMSV. Are there any open career opportunities?


I am interested in beomcing a GMSV Dealer who can I speak to?
I would love to partner with GMSV, who do I speak to?
I would like to speak to someone in the GMSV Media team, who should I contact?


Is GMSV a part of General Motors?
Is GMSV a part of Chevrolet?
I would like GMSV to grant me permission to use an image from the site and let me link from my site to GMSV. What should I do?
I (we) would like to request a monetary or vehicle donation from GMSV. What do I (we) do?

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